Kithaka Dun:

A Mayday Celebration for All Paths

April 30-May 2 2021

We are delighted to announce a Mayday fire festival for our community, right here in the Tri-State Area. For us, Kithaka Dun is a celebration of humankind, of our battles and victories. 

Whether you're celebrating Beltane, Walpurgisnacht, May Day, or just the Rites of Spring, come join us for classes, rituals, music, dancing, a benefit raffle, the May Court, the Wild Hunt, and the First Annual Delta Highland Games! 


Membership includes: Friday and Saturday lodging in a bunk at Piersol Group Camp, Friday dinner, all three meals on Saturday, and Sunday breakfast, and unlimited access to all events.


Family friendly, teens and children welcome - they have their own fun planned!

What should I bring?

We're asking everyone to bring their own feast gear, their "Weapon" for the weapon blessing, and a contribution to the Salad of Doom! 

(In our weapon blessing during Main Rite, we bless the thing which is our greatest help in dark times. This can include an athame, a medication, a piece of jewelry, or whatever feels right for the attendee.)

Click Here For an expanded list of what to pack!

Registration for 2021 is closed at this time. If you missed us, we hope you'll join us next year!

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