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Welcome to the First Polestari of Marion

A Primali Pagan Church


Community Events

March 16- Matala

2 pm - 11 pm

Kithaka Dun 2024 - May 3-5

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June 15 - Tamolechas

2 pm - 11 pm

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Bridge over Waterfall
Bridge over Waterfall

Support Our Polestari

If you'd like to contribute to our growing fellowship, we'd love to have you! Click here to donate to our outreach and operations.

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Can you really be a Southern church without a cookbook? We've delved into our personal grimoires, explorations, and family recipes to offer you close to 250 recipes from our table.

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We also have our little book of runes! Included is a reading guide, a brief explanation of Primali beliefs, and a currently complete hymnal of Primali songs and chants. 

The Polestari does Pride!

The Polestari participated in the Memphis Pride Parade last year, and we had a blast!
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