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About Our Polestari

The First Polestari of Marion was granted its charter on February 21, 2020, after meeting for a year in the home of its Paladin, Gabriel Gordon. It has over 50 members and seeks to promote the pagan community as a caring, involved part of the wider society.

What is Primali?

Primali is a neo-pagan path focused on the idea of the primal Forces and their constant effects on humankind. The Forces have always been, since the beginning of our Universe, and humankind has always viewed these Forces through their own lens, designing faces that the Forces then brought life to. Being aware of our base natures in the modern world, according to this path, is the key to bringing understanding, coexistence, and peace. 

Primali teaches that if we are made up of the world around us, and that world is made up of the same things that exist in the Universe, then we are simply part of the Universe exploring itself, made up of the Forces in us.

In Primali, eight Forces are celebrated. Each has a corresponding rune and holiday celebrated throughout the year with Rites.

A place of fellowship and Rites is called a Polestari, which is opened for the Rite and then closed afterward. Primali teaches that no place and no day are particularly sacred, as it is all part of the Forces, but that special days and special places are designated by us, and that this is okay.

Feel free to track down anyone who is a Bearer of the Ring if you have any questions about Primali or joining us for a Rite! You don't have to dedicate to celebrate - we're all sacred selves here.


But...what do you believe?

Primali has four core sacred Ideals and five sacred Aspirations.

The Sacred Self - Followers believe that their self is sacred, and that all selves are sacred, and in this is the key to caring for yourself, to improve, to do right things, and to protect others.

The Sacred Society - Followers believe that the society is sacred, in that is it made up of all people, who have sacred selves, and in this is the key to caring for others, to improve the world around them, and to accepting those around them.

The Sacred Defiance - Followers believe that defiance is sacred, in that it is our survival, and in this is the key to righting the wrongs around them, protecting others, and making right decisions.

The Sacred Will - Followers believe that Will is sacred, in that it is our soul, and in this is the key to self-examination, progress, and magic. 

  • Truth - Followers aspire to absolute honesty, with themselves and others. This is not a license to be cruel, but rather an admonition to tell compassionate truth to the best of their knowledge.

  • Compassion - Followers aspire to compassion in all things, to think of others and to act with kindness and integrity.

  • Freedom - Followers aspire to freedom in honor, embracing choice for themselves and others. They protect freedom for each sacred self. 

  • Creativity - Followers aspire to creativity of the mind, and push themselves to continue learning and creating throughout their lives.

  • Patience - Followers aspire to patience, which is perhaps the hardest aspiration. Through patience, they find wisdom and calm.

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