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Rules of Attendance

Rules and Safety Regulations

  1.  Registration begins August 1st, 2023 and ends April 20th, 2024. There is a $10 dollar minimum, non-refundable required down payment. Full payment is due by April 20th, 2024. Vendor applications and payments are due by April 6th, 2024.

  2. If you need to cancel your registration, you must notify us by email or personal contact by April 14th, 2024 to get a full refund minus the $10 dollars non-refundable. Later than this, we cannot guarantee a refund of any kind.

  3. Please respect park rules. Please do not bring any firearms or weapons of any kind to the event. (Ritual tools are allowed.) Illegal drugs are not allowed for any reason, and can constitute an immediate ban for the next 5 years of the festival. Illegally distributing alcohol to a minor will also constitute an immediate ban for the next 5 years of the festival. 

  4. Identity verification will be required at badge pickup for all adults. Anyone under age 18 being registered by a non-guardian must have a notarized letter of temporary guardianship at time of check-in. You must wear your valid event badge visibly at all times outside your cabin to attend the event. Badge is required for reentry if you leave the park. Replacement of any lost badges will come with a $5 fee. 

  5. Help others out! If you see someone who might need some help, ask how you can assist them.  This is your festival too, and if we all pitch in, it’s going to be amazing for everyone. 

  6. Parking spots in front of the cabins are reserved for loading/unloading. If you are not mobility challenged, please do not park by the main hall. Vehicles must be moved to the far lot after loading and unloading.

  7. Please do not bring any pets or familiars, as they are prohibited by Campground rules. We welcome ADA recognized service dogs only. We politely remind you that it is a criminal act to interfere with service dogs.

  8. If you bought it or brought it, you leave with it. Do not throw cigarette butts in the trash, on the ground, or in the Sacred Fire. Please use the proper receptacle provided. Leave the campsite nicer than you found it - we want to have a great relationship with our park next year!

  9. Store your snacks in your cabin. The kitchen staff needs the refrigerators for storing meal ingredients. However, there is endless ice. If you need any, please go to the registration table, and someone from our staff can get you what you need. Please don’t interrupt the Kitchen Witches. They get testy and may bake you into a pie. The rooms behind the main hall are for use of the Kitchen and Programming staff only. 

  10. Children are your responsibility. Children must be accompanied by a responsible party to any activities. Childcare may be arranged with our coordinator during Rites on a case-by-case basis. If you’re not watching them, no one is. Parents are responsible for ensuring that children follow the Code of Conduct. Please, under any and all circumstances, do not feel like you are entitled to yell at or discipline a child other than your own. Find that child’s parent or locate a member of staff to assist you.

  11. If you are not medical staff, please do not give anyone any medications, herbal preparations, or over the counter drugs. If you have medication that must be kept in the refrigerator, please coordinate with our medical staff to ensure access.

  12. Each dorm room is to be cleaned, swept, and trash taken out before you leave. Supplies will be provided.

  13. All food items need to be properly disposed of in plastic bags and placed in the dumpster. We are in the woods. We are not the only animals here.

  14. We are, by nature, passionate folk. As a community, it is our responsibility to ensure that all who enter can learn and grow. Make a commitment to live and let live, and leave your troubles at the gate. Leave the drama outside. Pitch in and enjoy the festival.

Sacred Fire Rules

  1. This is a fire festival. As such, the main fire is a Sacred Fire, with a dedicated Fire team. It will be lit at the beginning of the festival, transferred to a candle overnight if necessary, and extinguished at the end of the festival. 

  2. Do not add anything to the Sacred Fire without consulting the Fire team. 

  3. Do not throw trash into the Sacred Fire. That is disrespectful.

  4. If the Fire team gives you a direction near the fire, please follow it. They are certified and need to be able to assure everyone’s safety for everyone’s enjoyment.

Rules of Rites

  1. If you are participating in one of the Rites, please be on time. We understand that things happen, but once the Rite has begun, it’s difficult to maintain focus if people are coming and going.

  2. If you have questions, please save them for after the Rite. We’re excited and happy to discuss any answer you like with you.

  3. During the two Main Rites, the campsite will be closed. If you are attempting to return to the site during this time, you will have to remain at the gate until the guard opens it.

  4. Give your Rite and its participants your best attention. We ask that you silence cell phones and address any mobility accommodations or concerns with the Rite Leader beforehand.

  5. If your child is not old enough to enjoy the Rite you’ve chosen to attend, please feel free to make other arrangements. It is your choice, but there are options that should allow you to give your full attention to your Rite Leader.

Code of Conduct


By entering our events, all attendees accept our General Policies and agree to abide by our Code of Conduct. Attendees must respect common sense rules for public behavior, personal interaction, common courtesy, and respect for private property. We reserve the right to revoke, without refund, the membership and badge of any attendee not in compliance with this policy, and this ban may last up to 5 years. This action may be undertaken when an individual’s presence or behavior causes significant interference with festival operations or adversely affects the organization’s relationship with its guests or with its venue. This Code of Conduct applies to everyone at the venue and participants in our social media channels.  Guests, staff, volunteers, vendors, and press will be held to the same standards.

  1. First Polestari has a zero-tolerance policy on harassment at events. This includes unwanted advances, touches, language, images or comments. It also includes intimidation, bullying, or stalking. Anyone in violation of this policy will be immediately removed.

  2. First Polestari events are a “Safe Space” for any public person who wishes to attend regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification. Any person participating in discriminatory behavior based on perceived gender or sexual orientation will be asked to leave.

  3. Violence of any kind is not permitted at any First Polestari events, with respect to harm of a personal or property nature. Any persons involved in any violent behavior will be removed. Any altercations will result in the review of all participants' membership, up to and including immediate removal and ban.

  4. Discrimination against any religion, path or practice is not allowed. Discrimination against any race, age, or place of origin is not allowed. The Pagan Community has enough opposition from without. We don’t need it within.

  5. When at any First Polestari event, all people regardless of experience in Paganism are welcome and may have their voice heard. Please be considerate and respectful as each person shares their own personal experiences or situation. Each person’s magical or religious items are unique and special to them. Please always remember to ask permission before touching the personal items of others.

  6. Remember that all events are open to the public and not all attendees can be vetted by the First Polestari. Please always be aware of yourself and your belongings. Please report any suspicious behavior to a member of the Security team.

  7. If you are taking photographs of attendees, please respect those that do not wish to be photographed or recorded by asking permission to take pictures. In the past, we have had some attendees who are sensitive to camera flash or strobe lights. Always ask.

Have an awesome festival!
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