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Our Schedule will be chock full of fun activities, from workshops, to the Wild Hunt, to the maypole, to the Third Annual Kithaka Dun Games!


While we will have programs available, feel free                          

to click                     

to download our pocket program, with all the information you need!

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Friday 3:00 PM – Archery WorkshopDraw your bow with Mac Finch and learn a bit about the history of archery in nature religions and proper form. This workshop will include the classic eleven steps of archery to channel your inner Artemis or Apollo. All materials provided to draw and shoot, youth or adult badge required. Note that this is a physical workshop, so dress comfortably and prepare for a workout.


Friday 9:00 PM – Folk Magic 101: Finding Magic in Your Backyard with Lauren Crow - In a world where the spiritual practices of marginalized people are often resold as "spirituality" to modern seekers, how can you find meaningful connections to the magic that surrounds us without engaging in stealing from cultures who have often been punished, criminalized, or abused for their practices? Folk magic offers an opportunity to find that magic by connecting with the local spirits of the land and the practices of those who have lived here for centuries. This path leans far more on plant identification guides than mystical tomes and has more in common with naturalists than high magic. However, it is deeply rewarding to be able to find everything you need in your backyard to be able to work both hands of magic. 

Friday 9:00 PM – All The Reflections We Hold DearThe Primali path teaches that the Forces of the Universe have a number of aspects, and these aspects are reflected to humanity through each different civilization’s understanding of the gods. This talk and round table explores the connections between pantheons, citing how different members of different pantheons reflect the same Forces throughout human history.

Friday 10:15 PM – I Am In Control with Alfred WillowhawkCreating and maintaining balance in the 21st century can be difficult. The environment, family, friends, and co-workers all seek to influence our decisions. Debts, job prospects, and relationship issues can distract us from following our paths. This workshop shares techniques to control the chaos all around you and within you to create good choices for your own life. You are indeed in control of your own life.     


Friday Midnight (18+) - Primal Play - Primal play is a part of the Primali path, but this is open to anyone 18+. Be ready to hit the mats - exercise wear is acceptable. No nudity, no sex, just primal energy.


Saturday 7:00 AM - Early Bird Tai Chi - Wake up and get your Chi flowing with a gentle Yoga/Tai Chi morning flow. Ease the crick in your back from sleeping outside or on those bunks. Breathe in the Meeman-Shelby park air and start your day off with Kit Plummer on the back porch.


Saturday 9:30 AM – Primali 101Having heard of Primali Paganism, you might have some questions. How does it work? What does it mean? What does following the Primali path encompass? First Polestari of Marion’s student priests Lux Evonne and Mac Finch are here to teach the foundations and answer any questions.


Saturday 9:30 AM – Trading Blanket –  Sometimes we just need to celebrate new life and summer with cleaning out our closets, but what to do with it? Join us on the deck of Triangle Room A for a hangout, chat, and barter/exchange of your pagan items that need new owners. Come find something new or find a new owner for an old love.


Saturday 10:45 AM – Multiple Journeys Group Panel –  Pagan paths are ever-evolving and reflect the individual’s relationship with the Divine in unique ways. Join our Guests of Honor, Alfred Willowhawk and Lauren Crow, along with Cole Coughlin and Rayne Nightwolf, for an honest talk about their journeys, how different pantheons can cross and interweave through experiences, and how to find Peace on the Path.


Saturday 1:30 PM – Inclusive Runes with Lauren Crow — The runes call to many, but in the modern era, most sources available to modern practitioners are heavily influenced by the nationalist movements of the late 19th century such as the List Society. What else is out there can often be classified as MUS - Made Up Stuff! How do you separate quality sources of information from the deeply problematic ones, especially when mainstream publishers continue to put out information shaped by bigoted views? 


In this workshop, you will learn a brief history of modern runic practice, how to examine sources for bigoted influences, and how to get back to the source texts on the runes - the various runic poems and kennings from England, Iceland, and Norway that make up our historical knowledge of the runes and what they meant to those who used them as their primary linguistic tool. Plus, everyone who comes will get access to Lauren's ever growing database of runic poems, kennings, inscriptions, and other tools to help improve your divinatory practice.


Saturday 2:45 PM – Ordo Templi Orientis 101This class covers the basics of what OTO is, what we do, some reasons why someone might want to join, and how to go about it. There will be a space for Q&A at the end.


Saturday 10:15 PM (18+) The Path of Food and Ritual - Ritual and food have been paired in human practice since time immemorial. We seek to explore the manifestation and evolution of ritual-food relationships through history and discussion (and perhaps with a bit of a sample or two). We’d love to see some diverse perspectives and discuss how this shows up in today’s modern practices and your own group/individual settings.


Saturday Midnight (18+) Pajama Party with Popcorn and a Movie!Can’t sleep? How about Midnight Margaritas? For our night owls, we’ll have a discussion and screening of the classic that inspired a generation of witches – Practical Magic! We’ll bring the popcorn if you bring the pajamas and blanket.


Sunday 7:00 AM – Early Bird Tai ChiJoin Kit Plummer for another morning of gentle Yoga/Tai Chi on the back porch if you will. Prepare yourself to leave the forest behind and approach your day with peace.


Sunday 9:15 AM – The Vibrational Being with Rowan FaefireHave you ever heard a song that you jived with, and then you couldn’t get it out of your head for hours, days, or weeks? Or you have a song stuck in your head, and you don’t know why? Perhaps the songs in your head tell you something about your energy and vibrational pattern. This workshop will enhance your resonance with the chakras to heighten your powers. 


Sunday 9:15 AM – The ABCs of Pagan ParentingGena and Phillip talk about their perspectives on what it means to be a pagan parent in a pagan family. Through sharing personal experiences, they hope to help others find their own ways to parent the pagan way. With Acceptance, Balance, and Confidence, you can build a happy pagan home.


Workshop Track

We had such fun last year with our workshops,

we’ve got four new ones! These are involved, hands-on

experiences for teens and adults alike.

Teen or Adult badge required.


Friday 4:15 AM – Out of the Hedge, Into the Kitchen – Join the Allens for a dive into the herb cabinet. Which of them can you eat? Brew with? Put on your skin? Expect a live tea service, making incense, and other interactive experiences with the natural world!


Saturday 10:45 AM – Mirrors of the Divine Self – History shows a colorful multitude of deities devoted to self-love, and we forget it so often in the day-to-day bustle of self-sacrifice. Come celebrate yourself with Allen Night and Mac Finch with some hands-on examples of de-stress, self-love, and remembering that You Are the Divine and the Gods smile just for you. Bring your own comfort items!


Saturday 1:30 PM – The Quest of the Unconventional Hero – Legends don’t always tell the whole story. Take a walk with us as we discover heroes from the ancient world and across the globe. You may discover a hero that looks more like you than you thought. Come dressed as your favorite hero if you like – you may introduce us to our new favorite, too!


Saturday 2:45 PM – Chanting for Life and Balance with Alfred WillowhawkChanting is a way to embrace the primal connection between the self and the world. It moves beyond the busy mind chatter that separates us from each other and the world. All life has energy and vibrates. Connecting through chanting allows one to be at- one-ment with the universe and other entities within and without both physical and spiritual.


This workshop uses musical instruments (i.e., shakers, rattles, drums, harmonium) and voice to raise the personal vibration to its highest level. This workshop will teach or enhance your chanting practice to create and maintain balance and harmony. Even if you think you can not sing or carry a tune, join Alfred for this workshop; you will be surprised!



Friday 2:30 PM — Opening Fire Rite Welcome the Fire Festival by helping bless the campsite—we’ll be lighting the flame of the Sun Fire for the weekend!

Friday 7:30 PM — Gathering and Instruction for Wild Hunt — Come hear the stories and step through the smoke before we head out to the Wild Hunt.

Friday 8:00 PM — Wild Hunt and Wicker Man — The Wild Hunt is a long tradition, where those who would run (or walk) the course dance through the forest and find their marks, awaiting them in the circle. Glow sticks are provided. Afterwards, we will process to the Sun Fire for the burning of the Wicker Man as we welcome the Spring.

Friday 10:00 PM (18+) OTO Gnostic MassLiber XV, the Gnostic Mass, is the central ritual, public and private, of Ordo Templi Orientis. It is a participatory Eucharistic ritual in which a small cake and chalice of wine are magically identified as the "Life of the Sun" and the "Joy of the Earth". Attendees are expected to participate in the ritual. A brief overview of participation will be made just prior to the ritual.

Saturday 5:00 PM — Kithaka Dun RiteOur Main Rite this year will be a Rite of the King. We will dance in the Spring, honoring our Force of Humanity, Crom Cruach, and remembering to crown ourselves as well. We turn the wheel together once more! Don’t forget to bring your “weapon”. (The thing in the world that helps you fight. This can be medication, a piece of jewelry, an athame, etc.)

Sunday 10:30 AM — Closing Fire RiteExtinguishing the fires of a festival is a moment that should be marked, and so we will. Join our Kitchen Witch Nicky as they bless us all and send us on our way.


Special Events
May Court

Over the course of the weekend, we’ll be crowning a May Court to sit at the High Table at Saturday’s Feast, with one guest! Don’t forget to stop by Registration and cast your vote for Coronet or Princet!

  • Regent—Leader of the Wild Hunt

  • Coronet—Elected of the May Court

  • Marshal—Winner of the Games

  • Princet—Elected Youth of the May Court


Sword Tournament

Come Saturday afternoon and test your mettle against others! You will be provided with a boffer sword and pitted against other combatants on the field of battle in a double-elimination Tournament!

The winner will be knighted by the May Court and take home a beautiful (real) sword to declare proudly your achievements!


3rd Annual Delta Highland Games

Saturday morning, join us for the third annual Delta Highland Games! Our Games-master has designed tests of strength, cunning, and derring-do. Open to all contestants, Youth or Adult badges.

 The one who ends up with the highest cumulative point total will be crowned Marshal and sit at High Table with one guest!


Non-Profit Raffle

In the Main Hall, there is a table full of wonders and Gotta-Haves. These will all be raffled off at the Saturday Feast. Raffle Tickets are $1 for 1, $5 for 6, or $20 for as many tickets as will fit between your belt and the floor. A few select items will be chosen and placed in a live auction instead!

We are honored to announce that all proceeds from this raffle will continue to be donated to Youth Villages.

Don’t forget to bring a little extra – you might win something amazing, and you’ll be supporting our community too.


Talent Show

This year, it’s Your Time to Shine! All Friday and until Noon Saturday, the signup will be open at Registration for a 5-minute slot to show us what you got! We’re excited to welcome groups or singles, any talent will do, though we do request that all acts be family-friendly. We can’t wait to see what our community has in store!


Sharing our talents and stories has always been part of the Rites of Spring, so stay after the Maypole and join us for a revelry of creativity like no other!



Just after the Feast, we’ll be dancing the Maypole! Once we’ve eaten our fill, dance it back off just before the Talent Show! The Maypole is one of the most famous of our May Day traditions, and it’s always a fun time. No actual hearts will be eaten, but a few may be broken!

Grab one of the 18 ribbons and weave the new Spring with us!


Meditation Room

Triangle Room B is set aside as our Meditation Room.

Too many people? Need a moment to focus and find some peace? Please enjoy something comfortable and quiet. There will be chairs, assorted squishy things, blankets and soft décor.

Please respect the Meditation Room—no cell phone noise, no loud talking. This is a place of centering and grounding.

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