Our Schedule is chock full of fun activities, from workshops, to guided meditation, the Wild Hunt, and belly dancers to the First Annual Kithaka Dun Games. 

We'll also have print programs available at the event.


for a downloadable PDF of our At-A-Glance Program, including the schedule, workshop and Rite descriptions, and map!

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  • Friday 3:00 PM - Axe Throwing Workshop - Taylor Shields takes us through basic axe safety and then throwing very sharp things at targets. Make sure to bring your best battle cry!

  • Friday 4:15 PM - Candle and Color Magic - Candle and color magic are two easy types of magic to incorporate into your repertoire. As in all magic, it is your intention that fuels the flame. OOTHOON/Michelle, from the metaphysical shop OOTHOON’S, will discuss the basics of both color and candle magic, and move into some more of the advanced practices if time allows. Bring your questions, as this will be an interactive session. 


  • Friday 9:00 PM - Paganism 101 - Curious? New to the path? Have no idea what path you have? Did you get lost in Shelby Forest and think these guys are kind of cool? This is the panel for you. Join Elder Nick Rowan and Brian Starr for a survey and discussion of the basics of Paganism, from the types, to the paths, to basic altar creation, magical practice, and direction to resources.


  • Friday 9:00 PM - Ritual Construction  - While many times, ritual is thrown together by an individual, designing ritual for many is a craft with a lot of factors. Come join us for an overview of ritual construction, tradition, and some factors to take into account when opening your ritual space to others.


  • Friday 10:15 PM (18+) - Pagan QUILTBAG with Nick and Shirley - Imagine a world where even your gods are gay or genderfluid. It’s right here. Welcome to a discussion of homoerotic myths, gender changing gods and other relevant subjects.


  • Friday Midnight (18+) - Sex and Magic - Sensual and Sexual energy has been a part of ecstatic practice for most traditions at some point. Harnessing that energy can be a difficult topic, and we’re going to take head on. Join Paladin Gabriel Rodgers and Allen Night as we traverse consent, tradition, ethics, and the practice of the magic of love.


  • Saturday 7:00 AM - Early Bird Yoga - Up with the sun and ready for a salutation? Join Rootz for a cleansing, friendly warm up for your festival day. All body types and ability levels welcome.


  • Saturday 9:30 AM - The Impeccable Word - Words are power. Words can heal, hurt, bring forth love or harm. Precision is a skill that can help you use words magically, to intimidate or heal the soul. Words have been used to program people from a young age to steer them away from certain magical traits. Join Tim Rickman for an examination on the magical word.


  • Saturday 10:45 AM - Working with the Flame - In this workshop, we join Aislynn Firehawk to discuss the various ways Sacred Fire is created & maintained at gatherings. We will go over (& probably over & over again...) personal safety, both when you are participating with the fire created by another and when you are the Firetender creating Sacred Fire for others. We’ll be touching on dancing with the Sacred Flames, energy varieties, magic, drumming etiquette and intent, and the role of Sacred Fire in rituals. The tools you can utilize to symbolize Sacred Fire are many, and we will discuss these as well.


  • Saturday 1:30 PM - Survival 101 - Water, Food, Shelter, First Aid. These things are what’s necessary to survive out in Nature. Join Evan McHenry and Brian Starr for an overview of survival basics to help you on your next primal journey.


  • Saturday 1:30 PM - Tai Chi and Qi Gung -  Adaptive Tai chi Chaun. Come do some gentle flow exercise with Kit Plummer to help relieve pain, relieve stress and get the chi flowing through the body. Tai Chi is an ancient martial art designed to harness the internal energy for  both combat and health. In this workshop we will go over some basic moves of Qi gong to warm up the body, get the Chi flowing and learn a simple 4 move form of Tai chi that you can take home and do on your own. All ability levels welcome.


  • Saturday 2:45 PM - Sacred Fire Meditation - Aislynn Firehawk has been lauded for her Sacred Flame meditation. This is a guided meditation specifically designed to help each person find their own Flame Within along with the many and various ways to utilize this energy. Bring your own comfort.


  • Saturday 2:45 PM - Shadow Work -  Come join Amy Roberts as we examine our Shadow . Here we will learn what is our shadow, and why our shadow causes issues within our daily life. We’ll look at how to work with the Shadow and find resolution.


  • Saturday 12:00 AM (18+) - Primal Play - Primal play is a part of the Primali path, but this is open to anyone 18+. Be ready to hit the mats - exercise wear is acceptable. No nudity, no sex, just primal energy.


  • Sunday 7:00 AM - Early Bird Yoga - Ready for another helping of yoga in the morning? It might be just the way to ground out. Join Rootz for a cleansing, friendly warm up for your festival day. All body types and ability levels welcome.


  • Sunday 9:15 AM - Paganism on a Budget - Many people think that it is expensive to get started working within their craft in Paganism. This is simply not the case. Join Shirley and Rowan as they illustrate building a starter kit that can be used for most paths without breaking your budget. They will explore various low-cost options along with household items that can serve dual purposes in both mundane and magical work.


  • Sunday 9:15 AM - Jewelry Making - Come join the staff at OOTHOON’s as we show how to make your own Pagan Prayer Beads. Choose the pattern that is meaningful for you, and we will lead you through a tutorial to create your own unique treasure. Basic materials and supplies provided, just bring your creativity.  Additional beads and materials will be available for purchase.


  • Friday 2:30 PM—Opening Fire Rite— Welcome the Fire Festival by helping bless the campsite—we’ll be carrying the new flame between the Sun and Moon fires.


  • Friday 7:30 PM—Gathering and Instruction for Wild Hunt—Come hear the stories and step through the smoke before we head out to the Wild Hunt.

  • Friday 8:00 PM—Wild Hunt and Wicker Man—The Wild Hunt is a long tradition, where those who would run (or walk) the course dance through the forest and find their marks, awaiting them in the circle. Glow sticks are provided. Afterwards, we will process to the Sun Fire for the burning of the Wicker Man as we welcome the Spring.


  • Saturday 10:45 AM—Nunley Vow Rededication—Jonathan and Shirley were handfasted on this day 12 years ago in a very small, self-ordained ceremony. Today, they wish to renew their vows to each other in front of their community and the Forces.

  • Saturday 5:00 PM—Kithaka Dun Rite—The festival of Crom reaches its height as we dance into the circle. It has been a long year for most of us, and it’s time to bless our weapons and embrace our whole selves. Don’t forget to bring your “weapon”. (The thing in the world that helps you fight. This can be medication, a piece of jewelry, an athame, etc.)


  • Saturday 10:00 PM—Eldering Rite—Join Nick Rowan as he takes his next step in his life cycle. This is a Rite, so be ready to add your energy and warmth to the Polestari’s first Eldering.


  • Sunday 10:30 AM—Closing Fire Rite— Extinguishing the fires of a festival is a moment that should be marked, and so we will.

Special Events

May Court

Over the course of the weekend, we’ll be crowning a May Court to sit at the High Table at Saturday’s Feast, with one guest! Don’t forget to stop by Registration and cast your vote for Coronet or Princet!

  • Regent—Leader of the Wild Hunt

  • Coronet—Elected of the May  Court

  • Marshall—Winner of the Games

  • Princet—Elected Youth of the May Court


Sword Tournament

Come Saturday morning and test your mettle against others! You will be provided with a boffer sword and pitted against other combatants on the field of battle in a double-elimination Tournament!


The winner will be knighted by the May Court and take home a beautiful (real) sword to declare proudly your achievements!


Delta Highland Games

Saturday Afternoon, join us for the first annual Delta Highland Games! Our Games-master has designed tests of strength, cunning, and derring-do. Open to all contestants, Youth or Adult badges.


Games: Limbo, Log Carry, Stone Throw, Tug of War, Prisoner’s Run, Zombie Apocalypse Hide n’ Seek, and a Foot Race!


The one who ends up with the highest cumulative point total will be crowned Marshall and sit at High Table with one guest!


Non-Profit Raffle and Auction

In the Main Hall, there is a table full of wonders and Gotta-Haves. These will all be raffled off at the Saturday Feast. Tickets are available at Registration. Tickets are $1 for 1, $5 for 6, or $20 for as many tickets as will fit between your belt and the floor. FIve select items will be chosen and placed in an auction instead.


We are honored to announce that all proceeds from this raffle and auction will be donated to Youth Villages.


Don’t forget to bring a little extra – you might win something amazing, and you’ll be supporting our community too.


The Grand Dance

A new tradition for Saturday night! We’ve invited one of the Pyramid Dance Company to join us and perform before leading us all in a dance. Feel the beat and move your feet, bring a partner or dance with the spirits.


Drummers and dancers and music are part of the Rites of Spring, so stay after the Feast and join us!



Saturday at noon, we’ll be taking lunch out in the field, near the Public Circle. The Paladin will be cooking up grilled cheese, the kids will be playing Green Men, and after, we’ll be dancing the Maypole!

Grab one of the 18 ribbons and weave the new Spring with us!


Meditation Room

Triangle Room B is set aside as our Meditation Room.

Too many people? Need a moment to focus and find some peace? Please enjoy something comfortable and quiet. There will be chairs, assorted squishy things, blankets and soft décor.

Please respect the Meditation Room—no cell phone noise, no loud talking. This is a place of centering and grounding.