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Our Schedule is chock full of fun activities, from workshops, to Mysteries, the Wild Hunt, and an SJ Tucker concert to the Second Annual Kithaka Dun Games. 

Click here to download a PDF copy of our Pocket Program! The internet can be spotty out in the woods, so be sure to have your own copy! (We'll have print ones as well on site.)



Friday 3:00 PM - Axe Throwing Workshop - Taylor Shields takes us through basic axe safety and then throwing very sharp things at targets. Make sure to bring your best battle cry!


Friday 4:15 PM – Odd Mythology - Think you know mythology? Come play Mythos Jeopardy! Do you know the difference between Aphrodite and Amphitrite? Did you hear about the vile way we got the Shinto God of Sanitation? Come find out with Aaron and Allen!


Friday 4:15 PM – Reconstructionism 101 - Reconstructionism focuses on bringing historical belief systems and practices into the modern day. We aim to define the ethos of this practice and provide examples of archeological and historical research used to bolster current faith practices and foster a connection with the ancestors.


Friday 9:00 PM – Bardic Circle with SJ and Terry - Come join SJ Tucker and Terry Riley for a storytelling experience not to be missed! Each have brought something special to tell and are inviting everyone to tell stories as well! Bring a song, a story, or even a limerick of your choice to the fire.    


Friday 10:15 PM (18+) – Men’s Mysteries with Rev. Terry Riley – Open to all men and male-identified people. This Men’s Mysteries workshop covers the three aspects of the God: Rove, Father, and Sage. We’ll explore how these energies influence men at the growth stages of manhood from a Wiccan perspective.


Friday Midnight (18+) - Primal Play - Primal play is a part of the Primali path, but this is open to anyone 18+. Be ready to hit the mats - exercise wear is acceptable. No nudity, no sex, just primal energy.


Saturday 7:00 AM - Early Bird Yoga - Up with the sun and ready for a salutation? Join Rootz for a cleansing, friendly warm up for your festival day. All body types and ability levels welcome.


Saturday 9:30 AM – Wicca in the Mainstream – Join Rev. Riley for a discussion on how Wicca today has moved into the mainstream of U.S. culture, what it could mean for the future, and how legal tax-exempt pagan churches are fulfilling new roles in society.


Saturday 10:45 AM – S. J. Tucker’s Inward Alchemy: Turning Fear into Fierceness for the Sake of Your Creative Soul – In our day-to-day lives, we often face negativity aimed at our creative pursuits; sometimes it even comes from within. S.J. shares her own practical magic for facilitating the fantastical in the face of such nonsense: how she slays deadlines, cultural conditioning, and self-doubt with respect to writing and singing songs for a living. Expect a few lively live and unplugged numbers from S.J. and learn about many optional techniques which can be applied not just to writing music or stories, but also to spell work, ritual craft, and all artistic disciplines.


Saturday 1:30 PM – Ask a Witch! — You asked for it, and we brought it! Join a panel of experienced practitioners and bring your questions! Including Rev. Riley, SJ Tucker, Paladin Gordon, Jubal Eunice, and Scott Sumers!


Saturday 2:45 PM (18+) – Women’s Mysteries - Open to all women and female-identified people. Join us as we open a space of awakening, healing and empowering the feminine archetypes within: the Mother, the Warrior Goddess, the Lover, the Medicine Woman, the High Priestess, and the Dark Goddess.


Saturday 10:15 PM (18+) – Nonbinary Mysteries - Join Jack Blackthorn for a workshop unlike any other as he opens a space of mutual storytelling, redefining language and the Divine, and wide-awake dreaming. It’s time to start telling stories that look like us. Together.


Sunday 7:00 AM - Early Bird Yoga - Ready for another helping of yoga in the morning? It might be just the way to ground out. Join Rootz for a cleansing, friendly warm up for your festival day. All body types and ability levels welcome.


Sunday 9:15 AM - Tai Chi and Qi Gung - Adaptive Tai chi Chaun. Come do some gentle flow exercise with Kit Plummer to help relieve pain, relieve stress and get the chi flowing through the body. In this workshop we will go over some basic moves of Qi gong to warm up the body, get the Chi flowing and learn a simple 4 move form of Tai chi that you can take home and do on your own. All ability levels welcome.


Sunday 9:15 AM – Pagan Parenting Round Table – Join the discussion as we talk about the challenges of raising pagan children in the modern world. An open space to exchange ideas and resources for parents.

Witch School

This year, we’ve added a small track of Witch School Workshops – a series of hands-on instruction available to teens and adults. Feel free to grab one of the cards from Registration – getting all four classes stamped by their teachers earns you a goodie bag!


Saturday 9:30 AM – Divination – Bring your bones (or cards) and join us for an interactive workshop. People have sought to know the future as long as they could conceive of it. We’ll be learning and experimenting with different spreads, types of divination, and tools.


Saturday 10:45 AM – Herbology and Potions – "Eye of newt and toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog…” Did you know these are all plants? What was that bubbling in the cauldron? We’ll teach you these and more as we delve into the world of herbology and potions! For this hands-on workshop, we promise you don’t have to hit a musty dungeon and sample your own brew!


Saturday 1:30 PM – Astrology and Numerology – The stars and the numbers are in your favor! Join the OOTHOON's team as we explore astrology charts and numerology, learn the houses and planets and what all of it means to you! Bring your own chart or use one of ours! [We suggest].


Saturday 2:45 PM – Care of Magical Creatures – Come play Magical Creature seek and find! Some of your will be field researchers, studying the fantastical beasts we come across on our walk along the trail. The rest will become our mythological monsters. Meet-up to draw a cosplay bag will be done Saturday morning.


Friday 2:30 PM - Opening Fire Rite - Welcome the Fire Festival by helping bless the campsite—we’ll be carrying the new flame between the Sun and Moon fires.


Friday 7:30 PM - Gathering and Instruction for Wild Hunt - Come hear the stories and step through the smoke before we head out to the Wild Hunt.


Friday 8:00 PM - Wild Hunt and Wicker Man - The Wild Hunt is a long tradition, where those who would run (or walk) the course dance through the forest and find their marks, awaiting them in the circle. Glow sticks are provided. Afterwards, we will process to the Sun Fire for the burning of the Wicker Man as we welcome the Spring.


Saturday 5:00 PM - Kithaka Dun Rite - The festival of Crom reaches its height as we dance into the circle. In this, our Equivale year of reversals, we celebrate the Snake and the shadowed places of strength. Don’t forget to bring your “weapon”. (The thing in the world that helps you fight. This can be medication, a piece of jewelry, an athame, etc.)


Saturday 12 Midnight (18+) - OTO Gnostic Mass - Liber XV, the Gnostic Mass, is the central ritual, public and private, of Ordo Templi Orientis. It is a participatory Eucharistic ritual in which a small cake and chalice of wine are magically identified as the "Life of the Sun" and the "Joy of the Earth". Attendees are expected to participate in the ritual. A brief overview of participation will be made just prior to the ritual.

Sunday 10:30 AM - Closing Fire Rite - Extinguishing the fires of a festival is a moment that should be marked, and so we will. Join our Kitchen Witch Nick as he blesses us all and sends us on our way.

Current Special Events

May Court

Over the course of the weekend, we’ll be crowning a May Court to sit at the High Table at Saturday’s Feast, with one guest! Don't forget to consider who You would like to see for our Wild Hunt! 

Voting for Regent is now open!

  • Regent—Leader of the Wild Hunt, elected before the Event

  • Coronet—Elected of the May  Court

  • Marshall—Winner of the Games

  • Princet—Elected Youth of the May Court


Sword Tournament

Come Saturday afternoon and test your mettle against others! You will be provided with a boffer sword and pitted against other combatants on the field of battle in a double-elimination Tournament!


The winner will be knighted by the May Court and take home a beautiful (real) sword to declare proudly your achievements!


Delta Highland Games

Saturday morning, join us for the second annual Delta Highland Games! Our Games-master has designed tests of strength, cunning, and derring-do. Open to all contestants, Youth or Adult badges.

Games: Limbo, Log Carry, Stone Throw, Tug of War,

Zombie Apocalypse Hide n’ Seek, and a Foot Race!

The one who ends up with the highest cumulative point total will be crowned Marshall and welcomed to sit at High Table with one guest!

Non-Profit Raffle and Auction

In the Main Hall, there is a table full of wonders and Gotta-Haves. These will all be raffled off at the Saturday Feast. Tickets are available at Registration. Tickets are $1 for 1, $5 for 6, or $20 for as many tickets as will fit between your belt and the floor. Five select items will be chosen and placed in a live auction instead.

We are honored to announce that all proceeds from this raffle and auction will be donated to Youth Villages.

Don’t forget to bring a little extra – you might win something amazing, and you’ll be supporting our community too.

SJ Tucker!

We’re so pleased and excited to welcome SJ Tucker to perform Saturday evening after the Feast as the wandering bard! Join us for a foot-stomping, salad-bemoaning, roaring good time as only SJ can deliver! 

Drummers and dancers and music are part of the Rites of Spring, 

so stay after the Feast and join us!


Just after Feast, we’ll be dancing the Maypole! Once we’ve eaten our fill, dance it back off just   before settling in to the concert! The Maypole is one of the most famous of our May Day           traditions, and it’s always a fun time. No actual hearts will be eaten, but a few may be broken!


Grab one of the 18 ribbons and weave the new Spring with us!


Meditation Room

Triangle Room C is set aside as our Meditation Room.

Too many people? Need a moment to focus and find some peace? Please enjoy something comfortable and quiet. There will be chairs, assorted squishy things, blankets and soft décor.

Please respect the Meditation Room—no cell phone noise, no loud talking. This is a place of centering and grounding.

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