Vendor Information

Welcome our fantastic Vendors Row!  

  • SJ Tucker - All the SJ merch you could want, from CDs to crafts!

  • OOTHOON's - Metaphysical supplies of all kinds from your friendly neighborhood pagan store.

  • Mystical Windrunner Creations - Handmade jewelry, runes, and sewn goods

  • Eve and Ever Fabrics - Handmade Hippie Gothic Fashion

  • Breath & Balance - Massage, Mindfulness, and Movement

  • Readings by Rootz - Tarot, Rune Readings, and Random Related Items

  • Shadoin Wares - Mala Meditation/Prayer Beads, natural stone jewelry and soaps.

  • HelFlower Creations - Crocheted goods and fantasy crafts

  • Spiral Dragon Crafts - Handmade fine jewelry 

  • OTO Sapphire Current Camp - Information and questions answered about Ordo Templi Orientis.

  • Summerland Grove - Stop by to say hello, or inquire about registering for Festival of Souls!

Stop by our Vendor's Row if you've got the time - you won't regret it! Grab a reading from Rootz or some relaxation time from Breath & Balance. Sit and make jewelry at Windrunner or Helflower, or find the perfect piece of ritual gear from Eve and Ever or Shadoin. Chat up SJ Tucker and grab the latest CD, or peruse OOTHOON's wares. Spend some time chatting with our visiting groups. We have an amazing Row this year - don't miss out!