Vendor Information

We're proud to announce our 2021 vendor roster! We will post links to their pages as we receive them.

  • Amethyst Dreams - Eclectic Arts and Crafts from our GoH, Aislynn Firehawk

  • OOTHOON's - Metaphysical supplies, incense, candles, tarot cards, and jewelry.

  • Mystical Windrunner Creations - beaded and wire-woven jewelry, handmade runes, and woodburned objects.

  • Breath and Balance - Kit Plummer, Physical Therapist Assistant, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Tai chi Chaun instructor. If you need to learn to move to get out of pain or just to relax for a few minutes come on over to the healing tent. With almost 10 years as an LMT and 13 as a Reiki practitioner, we can find something to help you get out of pain. 10 minutes for $15. 

  • The Gilded Edge - Tattoos, Prints, and Handmade Crafts 

  • Readings by Rootz - Tarot and Rune Readings and Random related items

  • AstroMudd - Natal astrology charts with interpretation. Tips accepted. Bring your birth place and time, and Mudd will tell you many things.

  • Enanjon - Malas, runes, and greeting cards.